Monday, July 21, 2014

Elegant Tulip Garden Magic Ombre Fashion Boutique Business Card Template

tagged with: teacher, makeup artist, boutique, elegant, ombre, feminine, landscape, freelance artist, floral, purple, make up artist, tutor, baker, bakery, small business owner, simple, flowers, pattern, gradient, girly, trendy, modern, contemporary, fashion, substitute teacher, dog walker, pet sitter, babysitter, music teacher, freelance, artist, graphic designer, two toned, mosaic, texture, classic, classy, store owner, business owner, garden

Ombre background with elegant floral embellishments. Fully customizable and perfect for teachers, day care workers, tutors, makeup artists, boutique owners, and even pastry chefs. Cute, girly feminine fun.

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One of the newest purple themed (according to individual shopkeeper) customizable gift in the Zazzle marketplace.

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